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💕In modern architectural design, the youthful, minimalist kitchen style is gradually gaining popularity and taking over the tastes of users, especially for young owners. The kitchen space is an aesthetic highlight in the overall architecture of the house, creating a cozy and luxurious feeling, where a woman shows off her talents and housewives, and connects with family members. Here is a kitchen designed inspired by Minimalism with gentle, delicate colors:

💕The kitchen system connected to the ceiling adds a modern, luxurious, simple and extremely convenient feature to the user. With this kitchen model, housewives have more space for kitchen tools, ingredients or kitchen equipment, extremely neat and tidy.

💕All kitchen equipment in the design including Induction Cooker, Deodorizer, Oven, Microwave, Faucet…all use Fagor equipment – ​​this is one of the three manufacturers of Household appliances. high-end equipment, especially the largest high-end kitchen equipment in Europe. This is the first brand chosen by architects to ensure safety, sophistication, and convenience, especially the long-term warranty policy, which is the most optimal in the kitchen equipment market in Vietnam today.

💕It can be said that the more the kitchen space is cared for and groomed, the more neat and cozy the house becomes, an attraction for members who want to come back wherever they go.

— Architects. DUY KHANH —

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For housewives or those who use the kitchen regularly, their needs, in addition to satisfying their passion for cooking, have the same starting point, which is love for their small family. Each dish, whether sophisticated or simple, is both the heart and the emotion that they want to send.
A clean, airy, odor-free kitchen is the place to spark creativity and send love in the easiest way. Fagor Hoods will help housewives or regular kitchen users to solve problems such as:
Remove unpleasant odors in the kitchen, freely prepare new and flavorful dishes.
Keep the air clean, protect the health of your family.
Diverse models and beautiful designs: Bringing aesthetic beauty and matching the personality of the kitchen person
With a comfortable, clean and fresh kitchen space, the whole family will easily feel 100% of the essence of delicious and flavorful dishes, right?
+ For Skilled Chefs: always save every step of cooking to ensure absolute safety for the health of family members. Not only that, the clean, odor-free atmosphere with the Fagor hood will get satisfaction from the chefs who are extremely meticulous and caring for this family.
+ The Minimalist Sisters Association: they are quite perfectionist from the form of food to the family’s enjoyment space, so it is something that the machine is always clean, fragrant, neat and tidy. Fagor will preserve that perfection.
+ Team Perfect Messenger: capture the hearts of loved ones from the eye-catching presentation of the dish to the excellent taste. In particular, the clean kitchen space thanks to the help of Fagor hoods will inspire them to design the most romantic or warm, fun meal!
+ Creative Masters: The clean, airy kitchen space will help them create easily and explode with new ideas for family meals. It can be a meal with a lively Hawaiian atmosphere, or a calm and classic evening with music and emotions.

Fagor hood with outstanding features:
– High power
– Convenient timer function
– 1 touch touch
– Smooth operation
– Energy saving LED lights
Choose Fagor Hood now to embellish your own style and have an ideal space to “Send love” at: https://formathome.com.vn/fagor/danh-muc-san-pham /may-hut-mui/
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Hotline for free calls: 1800 6652

Which oven is good, which type should I choose, and what is the capacity? which label is durable, which label is good?
The oven is not only for baking, it is also a decoration in the kitchen, a source of creative inspiration. Here are some tips in choosing an oven:
?1. Beautiful and luxurious design: this contributes to stimulating users to be more creative in cooking, to cook more delicious meals, to bake more fragrant cakes.
?2. All in one: each type of cake, or each dish will have a different baking mode. There are types that only bake on the lower fire like pizza, there are types that bake the whole fire on the bottom fire like orchids, there are types that must have a convection fan to bake 2-3 trays at a time like sweet bread, or even have steam spray to If you want to bake Vietnamese bread…then the oven with all these modes is the best, it’s not like having 2-3 ovens to fill the whole kitchen.
?3. Accuracy: this factor is so important that almost any beginner baker has a headache, that is, the oven temperature is too much different from the one turned on, each oven has a different difference…. and it takes months or sacrifices 5-10 batches of bread to understand the oven. Therefore, an oven with an accurate temperature and an electronic control panel that displays the oven temperature at all times is a key step in deciding whether to “take her home” or not?
?4. Safety: almost every family has small children, but every time they bake something fragrant, the children stick their noses near the oven to see “when it’s cooked”, so the oven is hot inside but cool outside. is a detail you should pay attention to when buying an oven.
In short, a modern woman, an oven that is both accurate and safe for family members, fashionable and luxurious to suit her personality. the kitchen owner himself would be a better choice!?



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