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?Hello July, Format Vietnam is pleased to introduce to customers the program “5K – 5PROMOTION” EVERY ” support the epidemic season. 20% OFF – 5 SPECIAL PROMOTIONS for 5 FAGOR PRODUCTS.
The program aims to thank customers for always accompanying and trusting Fagor during the past time, and at the same time supporting customers to own Fagor products at the best prices. Do not hesitate to contact Fagor immediately for a satisfactory kitchen with high quality, versatile appliances from Europe, moreover, at extremely reasonable prices?
⏰Time of 5K PROMOTION: from 07.07 to 31.07.2021, quarter Customers coming to Fagor will enjoy:
1️⃣ 20% off product value
2️⃣ Free random pot or pan with purchase
3️⃣ Free to install
4️⃣ Free consultation to use
5️⃣ Free maintenance consultation after 1 year of use
?With 5 product lines:
1️⃣ Built-in hood 90cm (3AF3-941X) – worth VND 7,190,000 div>

2️⃣ Built-in hood 60cm (3AF3 – 641X) – worth VND 5,690,000 div>

3️⃣ Dishwasher 12 sets (3LVF – 61S) – worth VND 17,590,000
4️⃣ Dual-zone induction hob (3IF – 72A1S) – value VND 17,990,000< /div>

5️⃣ Built-in Oven (8H – 185BSMA and 8H – 185BXA) – value VND 13,990,000
Quickly contact Fagor to not only bring you satisfactory products, but also get advice, receive incentives and have yourself a dream kitchen – a place to create your own meals. good food for those you love, friends
????? – kitchen equipment brand from Europe has officially returned to Vietnam market with the commitment: quality products from Europe, attentive customer care process , warranty up to ? ??̆? and only combined with Dien May Xanh’s nationwide system.
????? also specially conveys the spirit of ?????????? – ???̉ ????̃? ??̂? , representing the spirit of those who “love the kitchen addicted to home” who express their personality through the style of using the kitchen, to Not only creating delicious and unique dishes for relatives and friends but also to satisfy their most “original” personality.
In the kitchen, you can be the “Master of Creation”, “Minimalist”, “Master Chef”… or any personality you want – ????? will always accompany and create conditions to help you create that PERFECT KITCHEN.
Exchange old for new promotion – Up to 50% off from May 20 to June 30, 2021 for customers who: exchange any old phẩm products before 2020 (including : stove, hood, oven, dishwasher), can buy new Fagor products with 50% discount on retail price after VAT. Old products will be recalled at the Dealer within 3 working days from the date of notification.



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