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Learn how to choose a real oven with Fagor!

Which oven is good, which type should I choose, and what is the capacity? which label is durable, which label is good?
The oven is not only for baking, it is also a decoration in the kitchen, a source of creative inspiration. Here are some tips in choosing an oven:
?1. Beautiful and luxurious design: this contributes to stimulating users to be more creative in cooking, to cook more delicious meals, to bake more fragrant cakes.
?2. All in one: each type of cake, or each dish will have a different baking mode. There are types that only bake on the lower fire like pizza, there are types that bake the whole fire on the bottom fire like orchids, there are types that must have a convection fan to bake 2-3 trays at a time like sweet bread, or even have steam spray to If you want to bake Vietnamese bread…then the oven with all these modes is the best, it’s not like having 2-3 ovens to fill the whole kitchen.
?3. Accuracy: this factor is so important that almost any beginner baker has a headache, that is, the oven temperature is too much different from the one turned on, each oven has a different difference…. and it takes months or sacrifices 5-10 batches of bread to understand the oven. Therefore, an oven with an accurate temperature and an electronic control panel that displays the oven temperature at all times is a key step in deciding whether to “take her home” or not?
?4. Safety: almost every family has small children, but every time they bake something fragrant, the children stick their noses near the oven to see “when it’s cooked”, so the oven is hot inside but cool outside. is a detail you should pay attention to when buying an oven.
In short, a modern woman, an oven that is both accurate and safe for family members, fashionable and luxurious to suit her personality. the kitchen owner himself would be a better choice!?




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