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Fagor and the owner take care of the kitchen space

Fagor with kitchen equipment in many styles and facilities for homeowners to unleash their creativity, prepare many delicious dishes for the family with love.

Amid the increasing demand of people to express their individuality and uniqueness in interior design, kitchen appliance manufacturers strive to provide a variety of quality products and services optimal including Fagor.

Fagor is one of the oldest, high-end kitchen brands in Europe. Fagor’s representative said that, returning to the Vietnamese market, the unit not only brings quality products, dedicated care, warranty and “ultimate privileges for Vietnamese kitchen lovers”.

Fagor representative further shared, one of the first perks is quality. All products are distributed by Format Vietnam JSC and apply a warranty program of up to 5 years at Dien May Xanh system. Along with incentive programs, Fagor promises to bring users satisfaction and long-term commitment.

“The privilege of loving the kitchen” in Fagor’s way is also about delicious food, creativity and inspiration in cooking.

Culinary privileges: whether you are creative or pursue perfection, even perfection in terms of culinary flavors, imprints Individuality in cooking style is the inevitable value. Fagor’s spirit is to give kitchen lovers a creative culinary space, where everyone can unleash their creativity so that every dish is a work of art.

The kitchen is designed in a sophisticated classical style, combined with Fagor kitchen appliances for homeowners who like perfection.

The kitchen is designed in a sophisticated classic style, combined with Fagor kitchen appliances for homeowners who like perfection.

The privilege of living fully in the kitchen: Fagor representative explained that sometimes a housewife cooks in a dream because the concept of food cannot be formed in the air time they don’t really love. Fagor believes that, when you walk into the kitchen you love, every piece of Fagor’s is also devoted to you. The concept of the food that can thus form the form, color and taste will appear. The smile of the person who enjoys it will also brighten up.

Homekitchen with white and black colors, Fagor kitchen appliances are compact for lovers of minimalism.< /div>

Kitchen with white and black colors, Fagor kitchen appliances are trusted for lovers of minimalism.

Inspirational privilege: Positive inspiration will be spread through food and kitchen space. The kitchen is a place for you to unleash your creativity in hundreds of cooking styles, where a mother teaches her daughter the first dish, a husband cooks his wife with spices or a grandmother passes on a secret for a lifetime. Cooked with Fagor’s love of the kitchen, the dish will be filled with love.

“With a mind and thoughtful preparation for users, Fagor believes that whoever you are, you have the privilege of being yourself in the perfect kitchen with Fagor” , the representative added.




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