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Kitchenism and its ‘perfect’ representations of kitchenism

Besides returning to the Vietnamese market, FAGOR – a high-class kitchen equipment brand from Europe also especially conveys the KITCHENISM spirit in a new, exciting and full of personality to all customers. “home-loving kitchen” in Vietnam.

KITCHENISM – Kitchen loveism, represents the spirit of enthusiasts, who love food in particular and all that is related to cooking in general, which is represented by the kitchen. These followers always want to express their personality through the style of using the kitchen to create delicious and unique dishes for relatives and friends, but also to satisfy the most “original” personality of the owner. myself. In the kitchen, you can be a “Creative Master”, “Minimalist”, “Delicious Chef”… or any personality you want.

Dare to think, dare to do, always challenge yourself to create new ideas – Those are the characteristics of Master Creators – “Masters of Creation” of Kitchenism. “Creative masters” refer to people who have a passion for creating dishes that are not only delicious, but also novel and unique, even crazy, like salted egg pizza, green bean pancakes for themselves or their lovers. his love. Creativity here is also reflected in the breakthrough in interior design and living space. The kitchen can be a stage with a DJ, sparkling disco lights with a reflective diamond background or a rustic corner with a guitar or wall bike. And all the appliances in the kitchen are powerful tools to carry out those ideas.

The favorite kitchen style of the “Creative Masters” is often personal and prominent with kitchen equipment with modern technology, multifunctional and durable design such as: 4-zone induction hob IF- ZONE74BS with the feature of combining and activating the cooking zone, the high-power 3CFT-901N hood effectively absorbs odors. Combined steam oven 8H-895TFTNA pushes full professional features, combined with microwave oven 3MWB-44ATCGN and warming tray 3WD-A22N complete the cooking space. The 3LVF-62SSSI semi-sonic dishwasher has a capacity of 13 sets with 3 enhanced programs, washing more and more efficiently.

In the midst of modern life, when the needs of young people love perfection, expressing their personality not only to people around but also on social media, the kitchen also plays a role. very important game. For “Perfect Ambassador” – having a beautiful, luxurious and perfect kitchen in every detail is always their prerequisite. All kitchen equipment must be very versatile and classy, ​​even though sometimes it is only for special gatherings of friends, family, and partners.

“Perfect Herald” favors products with beautiful and luxurious designs, highlighting the homeowner’s aesthetic taste such as: 3MWB-44ATCGN microwave oven and 8H-185TCNA oven with Q-class collection with Elegant matte black design. The 3LVF-63IT  fully built-in dishwasher was chosen as the perfect solution that does not break the kitchen cabinet design and still ensures full functionality for the kitchen. The IF-ZONE74BS induction hob and the 3CFT-903N range hood complete the kitchen space with a modern design.

Those who pursue a minimalist lifestyle – “Minimalist Believers” aim for spiritual values ​​and find happiness in the simplest things, right in their own small kitchen. Worshiping simple beauty, loving cleanliness, design – kitchen equipment with “Minimalist believers” is always really sophisticated.must be as simple as possible. The kitchen must always be perfectly and delicately arranged because this is where they will cook simple but nutritious dishes after a day of work and study.

Kitchen appliances for Minimalists can include: Induction hob 3IF-63AS with compact design, easy to operate combined with 3AF3-641X stainless steel hood with smooth operation, medium suction. enough. Oven 8H-185BXA is located right under the stove to take advantage of space, easy to use with 2 knobs and a time display. Dishwasher 3LVF-61S simple design, easy to open and use.

Finally, “Delicious Chef”, for them, love and passion for cooking will create a perfect kitchen. Especially when they use that love and passion to make warm family meals not only by delicious food but also by the laughter and happy eyes of their loved ones. The kitchen becomes a place to send affection to family members through dishes prepared by themselves. They love the neat, orderly, ancient and nostalgic kitchen, now fully equipped with modern kitchen equipment, creating a typical East-West interference such as: 3-zone induction cooker 3IF-73A2S With large glass surface, easy to cook and manipulate. 3CFV-901X high-power curved glass hood is suitable for families with a lot of cooking, classic kitchen design. The 8H-275AXA support steaming oven is both convenient and functional, and suitable for processing family dishes. Dishwasher 3LVF-62S can hold up to 13 sets of dishes, suitable for large families, combining many enhancement programs for the most optimal dishwashing efficiency.

Owning a wide range of kitchen equipment, 100% designed and manufactured in Europe such as: induction cooker, oven, microwave, hood, dishwasher Fagor possesses modern technology and features. with a variety of prices, to meet any customer’s kitchen use style needs.

Whoever you are, whether you cook like a professional chef or you are just “obsessed” with the image of the most beautiful and modern kitchen, or you just want a place enough to prepare fast food – Compact – delicious for your busy life. Are you ready to create your own perfect kitchen with Kitchenism?\

Source: https://homedecorplus.vn/kitchenism-va-nhung-dai-dien-hoan-hao-cho-chu-nghia-yeu-bep-688524.html




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