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Format Vietnam cooperates with the Association of Dishwashers and Utilities to organize MINIGAME: Master of Dishwashing

💖 Stay at home to avoid the epidemic, eat 3 meals a day, everyone becomes a master at washing dishes! With FAGOR “Good reply – Receive gifts now”, get 1 Dishwasher – hands-free enjoy!

🎁1 Special Prize: 1 FAGOR 3LVF-61S independent dishwasher worth VND17,590,000: for a valid entry with the closest lucky number to the last 2 numbers of the Northern Lottery special prize on September 13. 2021
🎁There are also prizes every week for lucky members as follows:
Each prize includes 1 box of Finish dishwasher tablets + 1 Fagor dishwasher voucher with 50% discount
📍Week 1: 3 Quick Master Prizes for the first 3 valid entries – Announced on August 28, 2021
📍Week 2: 3 Trending Master Prizes – for the entries with the most likes/comments in weeks 1 and 2 (up to the end of September 5) – Announced on September 6, 2021
📍Week 3: 3 Wordplay Master Prizes for the best couplets voted by the jury – Announced on September 13, 2021

Note: Each person can only win 1 prize per week. The winner of the weekly prize still has a chance to win the grand prize!
🌟How to join is very simple

Join the group and comment on the contest at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1830809520504047/announcements

Step 1️⃣: Choose the dish arrangement style closest to you among the 4 styles of #fagorkitchenism: #FAGORBacthaySangTao, #FAGORTayBepDieuListen, #FAGORTinDoToiGian #FAGORSuGiaHoanMy
Step 2️⃣: Participating in the answer to the question “The master shoots – ………….”
Step 3️⃣: Comment your lucky number from 01-99

👌 Hurry up to post to receive attractive gifts!
📍Minigame participation time: From August 21, 2021 to the end of September 12, 2021

🌞Important! The account which won the prize is the official facebook account, with friends interaction. Provide valid documents when winning.
🌞A valid exam is one with content that meets the requirements of the contest
🌞The contest results will be announced no later than 1 week from the end of the contest. All complaints will not be considered 3 days after the announcement of the results.
🌞All vouchers are valid for 1 month from the date of issue
🌞The decision of BTC is final
#Fagor #FagorCaoThuRuaChen #FagorKitchenism




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