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Water steam

Research has shown that the steam generated in the Fagor washing machine kills up to 99.99% of viruses and 97% of bacteria, so clothes, bed sheets and other fabrics are perfectly disinfected. The steam used in the washing process will loosen the fibers, remove wrinkles, and keep your clothes smooth and soft.

Time drying program

You can dry exactly as you like, because you choose the drying temperature and drying time yourself. The program does not use moisture or temperature sensors - regardless of the load moisture level, it works as you set it. You’ll appreciate this especially when refreshing clothes that have been sitting in the wardrobe for a while or drying thick blankets. You decide how the tumble dryer works!

Drying target

Select a drying target that matches the laundry to be dried. Choose Extra Dry for thick and multi-layered laundry that takes a long time to dry. Select the wardrobe drying mode (Closet Dry) for clothes with regular layers. Choose Iron Dry for laundry that needs moisture for easy expansion.

Delay timer

You can schedule the start of the drying program by selecting a time interval from 1 to 23 hours. Then, press the Start/Pause button to activate the timer. When the set time is reached, the selected program will start automatically. During the delay period, program-compatible options can be activated/deactivated. If you hold down the timer button, the delay time will change continuously.


Don’t have time to take your clothes out of the dryer immediately after the cycle ends? Relax, they can stay in the drum for up to 1-2 hours and the Anti-Crease feature will ensure they won’t crease even then! Every 10 minutes, the drum will turn on for a few seconds, which will aerate the load and prevent any creases. Smooth clothes even after time - it’s that easy!

Drying Thin Fabrics

Thin fabrics will be dried for a longer time at low temperatures.

Child lock

Curious children can get up to mischief anywhere, even in the bathroom. Fortunately, Fagor dryer can be easily protected from carefree fun by locking out the control buttons. We no longer need to worry about accidentally turning the dryer off or changing the settings.


We all want lower bills, so why not a tumble dryer with a HeatPump system! This improves the drying efficiency while reducing the cycle temperature. Lower temperatures mean lower energy costs, by as much as four times with the HeatPump! It creates conditions more natural and less aggressive for our laundry, to keep them safe from damage. It’s rather like drying our clothes in the warm sun, but safer, faster and it all happens indoors so we can also enjoy the benefits in the winter too!








Full metal knob

Energy standard


Energy consumption per cycle



845-855Cx597Rx557S mm

Power rating





Capacity: 8kg

Program: 15

RPM: 1400 revolution/min

Heatpump technology

Delay timer

Automatic 1 hour anti-crease program

Warranty Policy

Standard warranty service

The product comes with a standard 3-year warranty. Warranty and repair at the place of product installation for large appliances: dishwasher, hood, hob, built-in oven, built-in microwave. Be warranted and repaired at authorized service centers of Format Vietnam JSC.

Extended warranty service

The Extended Warranty is only offered during the first year of the Standard Warranty or immediately upon new purchase. The unit price is calculated at 10% of the retail price after tax of the products listed on the website/catalogue of Format Vietnam JSC.

Installation Terms

Format Vietnam JSC provides installation services at customers' address for a fee, or free of charge depending on the installation location. Free: Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Ha Long, Da Nang, Can Tho, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Ba Ria Vung Tau. To use home installation service, customers directly contact the Call Center of Format Vietnam JSC via hotline (free of charge) 1800-6652. Installation includes instructions and advice for customers to use the product.

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