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NoFrost technology

Who enjoys defrosting their fridge? From now on you never have to again! The NoFrost technology constantly monitors the humidity level in the fridge, ensuring no frost inside. No frost means more than no defrosting, it also provides better hygiene and longer product freshness, as the stable temperature in the entire refrigerator minimizes the risk of bacteria. No need to do anything, just save time in comfort!


The assembly of a built-in fridge should be simple - as it is with SlideSystem! The refrigerator door and built-in elements have separate hinges, so they are not permanently connected to each other. They move relative to each other on special rails. This makes it easier to disassemble individual elements, such as when moving or during a refit.

Saving energy rating E

No one likes high electricity bills. We need to choose the energy class wisely! Let us not forget that a fridge works non-stop - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each second of operation means potential savings for us! An E-class fridge consumes 20% less energy than a F-class appliance! Keep in mind that reducing electricity consumption saves the environment. It’s economical and ecological at the same time!

VitControl control humidity

Fresh fruit and vegetables whenever you like? No need for everyday shopping, when you have a VitControl container. A special humidity adjustment slide allows you to match the conditions to the product - lower the humidity for fruit, increase it for vegetables. All so they remain fresh and tasty for longer! This means less shopping, while your products stay in good shape for longer. Saving you time and money!


Not sure if the shelves can take a bigger load? No worry! Fagor uses the SafetyGlass technology in its refrigerators - the shelves are made out of hardened glass, which not only increases their hardness and toughness, but also improves safety. Even if a shelf breaks, it will not fill the compartment with tiny pieces. Safety even with bigger loads!

Door ajar alarm

How often do you open the fridge, take out something tasty, close the door and then... an hour later you see the door is still ajar! How much energy was wasted? Were any products spoiled? With the Door ajar the alarm in Fagor fridges, such horrors become a thing of the past! When the door remains open for more than 90 seconds, a light/audible signal switches on, and goes off only after you close the door. This means greater comfort, convenience and savings, as well as preventing your products from spoiling, frosting or needing a defrost.

Bottle shelf

You open the refrigerator... and a glass bottle rolls out and falls to the floor... Not if you have a special bottle shelf! A special fitted shelf keeps your bottles in place, and allows you to make optimal use of the space in the compartment. You can fold and store the shelf, or remove it when not required. No more stuffing bottles in, and dreading opening the door.











Saving energy standard

E (A++)



Ref volume / Freezer volume

322L / 168L

Chiller Zone

Chiller zone


Electronic control - Display on door

Support function

Water dispenser



Warranty Policy

Standard warranty service

The product comes with a standard 3-year warranty. Warranty and repair at the place of product installation for large appliances: dishwasher, hood, hob, built-in oven, built-in microwave. Be warranted and repaired at authorized service centers of Format Vietnam JSC.

Extended warranty service

The Extended Warranty is only offered during the first year of the Standard Warranty or immediately upon new purchase. The unit price is calculated at 10% of the retail price after tax of the products listed on the website/catalogue of Format Vietnam JSC.

Installation Terms

Format Vietnam JSC provides installation services at customers' address for a fee, or free of charge depending on the installation location. Free: Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Da Nang, Hai Phong, Ha Long, Da Nang, Can Tho, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Ba Ria Vung Tau. To use home installation service, customers directly contact the Call Center of Format Vietnam JSC via hotline (free of charge) 1800-6652. Installation includes instructions and advice for customers to use the product.

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