Warranty terms and conditions

A. Warranty terms

1. Warranty period for products: a. The warranty period is based on electronic warranty information, through the means of checking the warranty period by Format Vietnam JSC. Offer: SMS, Web, Apps on phone. b. The warranty period is calculated from the date the product is validly registered for warranty. In case the product does not use the electronic warranty or the product has not been activated for warranty, shall be based on the date of purchase shown on the proof of purchase issued by Format Vietnam JSC. release. Warranty period for FAGOR products made by Format Vietnam JSC. distribution is 36 months. 2. Warranty period for out-of-warranty replacement parts: a. If at the time of repair or replacement, the remaining warranty period of the product is more than six (6) months, the warranty period of the replacement parts shall be calculated according to the remaining warranty period. remaining product warranty. b. At the time of repair or replacement, the remaining warranty period of the product is less than six (6) months, the warranty period of the applicable spare parts is six (6) months. Based on Minutes of Corrections made. 3. Warranty period for renewed products: a. If at the time of product renewal, the remaining warranty period of the old product in use is more than six (6) months, the warranty period of the renewed product is calculated in remaining warranty period of the old product in use. b. If at the time of product renewal, the remaining warranty period of the old product in use is less than six (6) months, the warranty period of the renewed product is counted as six (6) month.

B. General warranty terms

1. The warranty provided by Format Vietnam JSC within the territory of Vietnam applies to manufacturer defects in the product. 2. Warranty applies to equipment distributed by Format Vietnam JSC, through retail stores of Format Vietnam JSC or authorized dealers of Format Vietnam JSC. 3. Warranty and repair services can only be performed by technicians of Format Vietnam JSC or authorized service centers of Format Vietnam JSC. 4. Buyer must provide electronic warranty registration information or purchase invoice (from Format Vietnam JSC or from an authorized agent of Format Vietnam JSC) upon request for warranty. 5. The warranty do not apply for the following cases: a. The product does not have a valid warranty registration or the warranty period has expired. b. The serial number of the device or of the Electronic Warranty Stamp has been altered, tampered with or removed. c. The device has been tampered with, abused, or damaged in transit. d. The device has not been installed, maintained or operated according to the instructions given by the manufacturer. Add or remove accessories and components on the product. e. The equipment has been repaired, altered, or dismantled by anyone other than Format Vietnam JSC technicians or service center employees authorized by Format Vietnam JSC. f. Defect caused by abnormally changing voltage or unstable power supply. The voltage is too low or too high compared to the product specifications (shown on the product’s Stamp). g. Defects caused by fire, explosion, lightning, electrical disturbances, negligence, accidents and other natural disasters. j. Defects caused by insects such as lizards, mice, cockroaches, etc.. h. Defects caused by products are not due to lack of regular care and cleaning. i. Defects caused by chemical reaction, too high temperature, too much dust, corrosive environment, such as cement factory, livestock farm, etc. k. Installation accessories, removable accessories included with the machine such as: Bas, grill, oven tray, refrigerator, components or accessories, glass accessories (including kitchen glass), … Accessories , consumables during use (oil filter, activated carbon, water filter, …) l. External appearance such as dents, scratches, stains, yellowing, rust … m. Products that have been used for commercial or other purposes other than normal consumption (except Products designated by Format Vietnam JSC. for the purpose of commercial purposes). n. Damage caused by using poor quality batteries for battery powered products (Alkaline batteries are recommended). 6. The warranty will be void if the equipment is not operated as recommended by Format Vietnam JSC or the manufacturer. 7. Under this warranty policy, Format Vietnam JSC is responsible for repairing or replacing defective products. The warranty does not cover any loss and damage directly or indirectly caused by the product. 8. Format Vietnam JSC reserves the right to impose additional costs or may refuse to participate in the warranty when the product is installed in inaccessible or dangerous locations, applied for both employees of Format Vietnam JSC and employees of authorized service centers of Format Vietnam JSC. 9. The decision of Format Vietnam JSC is based on the results of determining all causes related to the complaint about defects, damage or damage of the product. 10. Agents, stores, employees, service centers authorized by FORMAT VIETNAM JSC may not modify or extend the terms of this warranty in any way.

C. Warranty services

1. Repair or replace spare parts and components free of charge if the customer fully meets the conditions in the General Warranty Terms. 2. Exchange new similar products for customers in the following cases:
  • Failure to repair or correct product defects.
  • Time to repair and overcome is too long compared to regulations (over 1 month) – during the repair period, we will try to arrange products with similar functions to defective products for customers to use temporarily.
  • Warranty has been performed many times (for the same defect) during the Warranty Period and still cannot fix the error. The determination of the number of times the warranty has been performed as a basis for exchanging new similar products will be considered and decided by Format Vietnam JSC at its sole discretion in each specific case.
  • Exchange products of the same type and have similar features or exchange products of the same type but with more advanced features. Depending on the actual situation, the parties will agree on the residual value of the product damaged product is replaced as a basis for exchange for a similar new product under this clause. Accordingly, the parties will agree on the difference between the price of the new replacement product and the replaced defective product that one party needs to pay back to the other party at the time of product exchange.
  • All defective, damaged or defective parts, components or products replaced under this warranty will become the property of Format Vietnam JSC.
3. Out-of-warranty repair service:
  • When the product is outside of the warranty scope specified in the General Warranty Terms, Format Vietnam JSC. service and repair products with the highest sense of responsibility. The customer will pay all costs incurred for the repair including: replacement parts, wages and other costs (if any).
  • Format Vietnam JSC. reserves the right to refuse to provide out-of-warranty repair services if the product is not really damaged, or has no spare parts, or has been interfered with/by a party other than Format Vietnam JSC. or the authorized service center of Format Vietnam JSC.
  • Authorized warranty center of Format Vietnam JSC. may provide out-of-warranty and chargeable repair services for FAGOR branded products, but not must be made by Format Vietnam JSC. distributed under the following conditions:
    • If damaged, it can be repaired.
    • Costs may be higher and repair time may be longer than products made by Format Vietnam JSC. distribution. The cost and time of repair are agreed between the Customer and the Authorized Service Center.
    • Authorized warranty center of Format Vietnam JSC. check, consider whether the service provision can perform or not. In case the component is not available or the component size is too big. In case there is a big difference in product specification, including voltage, frequency, etc.
4. Notes for installation and storage:
  • For Class 1 devices (according to IEC standards) to be used only with an electrical connector with a ground wire.
  • Install according to the manufacturer’s instructions (included with the product).
  • Have minimum ventilation gaps (according to the manufacturer’s instructions).
  • For electric and magnetic stoves: need insulation with drawers below.
  • For gas stoves: Always test for gas leaks with soap or specialized tools immediately after installation.
  • If installed during construction, need to cover the product.
  • Do not let dirt, stone powder, wall putty… fall inside or on the surface of the product.
  • Do not let the product come into contact with corrosive chemicals such as gasoline, strong detergents, high chlorine concentration, acetone solvents, acids, benzene…
  • Recommended chemicals for surface cleaning and product maintenance are RP7, WD40, Autosol with a soft, dry cloth.
  • The product must be cleaned and disinfected regularly during use.